Could you be a real unicorn? – Ask yourself these 3 questions first

can you be a unicorn

A unicorn is a bisexual female who is invited into an existing couple to date and play with at polyamorous dating sites. In this kind of unicorn relationship, the couple has the privilege over the unicorn. They can have lots of demands but the unicorn cannot do anything that may cause any inconvenience for the couple. The unicorn is supposed not to develop feelings and can leave anytime once the poly couple is no longer interested in being in this unicorn triad.

Unicorn relationship can be complicated and confusing. For the unicorn, there are two people to impress, two people to be impressed by, and three sets of wants, needs, and desires that you have to contend with if you’re going to have an enjoyable, comfortable time. So, If you want to be a unicorn, try asking yourself these 3 questions first before looking at any unicorn dating sites.

What are you really looking for?

This is obviously suitable for people who are looking for no strings attached sex, rather than a committed relationship.

Let’s see what a real unicorn girl says about this unicorn thing.

"I’ve seen a couple looking for unicorn at poly dating sites, it was never really a title I thought I’d be interested in trying out at first. Ok, maybe it’s because I was in a relationship at that time. But then after years of singledom, I found myself still sexually curious. I want sex more than love, and I was deeply interested in exploring adult fun as we did before at polyamorous dating sites. Soon I changed my online dating profiles and opened the gate for those poly couples – the unicorn hunter after I figured out what I wanted."

So, if you are looking for a boyfriend, don’t ever try a poly dating site or unicorn dating site.

can you be involved in unicorn relationship

Are you comfortable with talking about your sexual needs and desires with others?

It’s a couple, two people for a unicorn to talk about her own needs, desires, and bottom line. They’ve already talked about their desires and rules before looking for a unicorn relationship online. You need to communicate with them and let them know your sexual needs and boundaries.

It’s normal to feel like intimidating to share intimate information with the unicorn hunter that you’ve recently met. Take your time, it’s ok. There’s no rush to jump into bed. But the good thing is you can talk through the internet first and maybe till it’s all set. Everything is clear before you met.

Do you have any reservations about engaging in a unicorn relationship?

Even though you may feel that you are open-minded about unicorn sex, there will be pressure from societal stigmas when you plan to make it real. Even though this isn’t an experience that you would tell all of your friends and family about and there’s nothing wrong with having secrets, you still need to figure out if you will feel any shame or guilt around it.

You can register at unicorn dating site then if you still want after you finish these questions. Once you’ve sorted those things out, you can focus on how crazy hot this whole unicorn sex will be. Go break down the stigma, you magical creature.

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