A Discussion about Unicorn Hunters and Polyamory Dating

As nonmonogamous dating and polyamory relationships have become more popular in recent years, the practice of couples using polyamorous dating apps and sites to seek women into being their mythical third is on the rise. The reality is that there are lots of people getting involved in this kind of conversation, but many of them have no knowledge about poly dating and unicorn hunting.

unicorn hunters

Couple looking for threesome partners to join them is a pretty common way to start exploring polyamory. When the third is expected to be a bi woman, it is called "unicorn hunting" and the couple will be the “unicorn hunters”. A “unicorn” is the community term for a bisexual woman who is non-monogamous and open to a sexual or romantic relationship with a couple.

Sometimes it can be hard to find a unicorn. The number of unicorn hunters looking for a third is too many compared with that of unicorn girls. And not all bisexual women are into a triad.

The couple may have a privilege on that unicorn girl when they meet one, for real. Thus some of them don’t treat unicorn as a human being. But unicorn girls are not real animals. They have their desires, needs, and bottoms. She is not only a toy you couple looking for to complete the triad.

A bisexual woman who is willing to join a couple to be the third doesn’t mean that they want to become a toy waiting on someone’s nightstand while they build a real relationship with someone else. You won’t find a unicorn to join you if you don’t treat them good.

The most common question asked in a poly dating site is how to handle jealousy after you find a unicorn woman. There should be a talk between the couple before looking for a third. And poly dating occurred much in married couples. Some of them may firstly discover poly occasional in the TV show or in a bar. Then they feel it’s hot and want to have a try.

Nobody knows what would happen. It will be a big concern for the couple whether polyamory dating will damage their marriage or not. so talk is extremely important in a poly relationship. You talk before you use a site or app looking for a unicorn. You talk about the bottom line and how does everyone feels after a date. Just respect everyone’s limits as well as their needs. When it feels not right, just end it in time.