Why is Tinder not the best place for unicorn hunters looking for a unicorn girl?

Still have a hope on finding a unicorn on tinder? You are out! Tinder is not the best choice for unicorn hunters, but unicorn dating sites are. Needless to say that Tinder is the world's most popular app for meeting new people on traditional dating segment. That is to say, Tinder is best for straight singles seeking another partner. If you are looking for a unicorn woman, we suggest you turn to niche dating sites like: unicorn dating sites, polyamorous dating sites, or bisexual dating sites.

why tinder not best for unicorn hunters

Bigger chance of meeting people who fell sick of “looking for a unicorn”

Though there are more and more singles and couples looking for threesome now, many straight people still not open to couples. In fact, they may feel sick even thinking about dating a couple. Tinder is more often used by straight singles to meet other singles. Yes, you can still find the profile of couples seeking third match on Tinder. But you are more likely to receive a shit when you send out a message for finding a unicorn woman.

Limited numbers of unicorn women and men

As Tinder is for mainstream dating, compared to single users, the ratio of couple users on Tinder is low. And this date is lower for female unicorn users. When a unicorn hunter registers on Tinder, it will take much time for him to find a match. Unicorn women are rare and most of them will not use an app like Tinder. They are most likely to join particular groups or dating platforms. That’s why we would like to recommend unicorn dating sites for unicorn hunters.

Wait too long for a match

It’s hard for unicorn finder to meet a straight person who wants to be a unicorn. Some people even don’t know what’s the unicorn. You need to explain first and then have a high possibility of getting an F-word back. It’s no surprise when people feel disgusted with your proposal. Not all the people will accept the unicorn lifestyle. You need to be patient when you choose to find local unicorns on Tinder.

Finding a unicorn woman is not easy since unicorn girls are rare. Unicorn hunters need to choose the right place to find a unicorn woman. This is the key to the question – How to find a unicorn. Looking for a unicorn on unicorn dating site or bisexual dating site will help you save a lot of time. If you don’t like this kind of niche dating sites, you can also choose adult dating sites like AdultFriendFinder. It’s way better than Tinder on helping unicorn hunters find a unicorn.

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